About the Artist


The artist, also known as Anthony Quisenberry, began his  painting career in 1970 through the inspiration of his uncle, Arthur  Dunlap Jr., the very talented pencil and ink portrait artist and also  through the motivation of the great oil portrait artist David Mosely.

Without any formal training, over the years he has developed  into one of the world’s formidable portrait artists.

In early 1974 he began studying radio at the Los Angeles School  of Broadcasting and eventually obtained an FCC license for broadcast  radio. After a brief stint of doing public service announcements and  commercials at KJLH FM, he began focusing on his natural talent which  led him to be commissioned by the late Redd Foxx, Rev. Ike and Stevie  Wonder who called upon him to design the cover for his album “Hotter Then July”.

His latest masterpiece, entitled "44th", is a magnificent portrait of our current President of the United States, Barack Obama which is currently featured on the home page of this web site.


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